A mission worth joining

When we look across the field of social enterprises in Austin, we could pick out any number of organizations doing amazing work. From improving educational outcomes to aiding Austin’s homeless population, our community of nonprofits and social entrepreneurs are striving to make Central Texas a better place to live, work and play for everyone.

Yet, both here and around the country, we too often see social enterprises struggling to expand their impact. Their work changes lives, but it could change more – it could reach more. We founded Notley Ventures to help these organizations scale their successful ideas and programs, using what we learned as entrepreneurs to help social enterprises expand their reach. 

The Notley Fund’s support for the Capital of Texas Media Foundation is just the latest example of this mission, and we encourage you to help support it. 

On its own, the Austin Monitor has become an invaluable, nonprofit source of in-depth local government news. On its own, Glasshouse Policy has created an array of innovative programs to help educate and engage with a broader cross-section of Austin’s population. We believe the merger of these two entities creates a whole greater than its parts, opening the possibility for new programs that will inform and involve more and more of our neighbors.

We’re especially excited, though, about the third part of the CoTMF mission – a research organization that will begin to deliver the data and analysis we all need to make sound decisions about the future of Central Texas. Austin is one of the largest cities in the county without a think tank dedicated to studying its equitable and sustainable growth. It’s long past time to fill that void.

By combining a locally based nonprofit news outlet, an innovative community engagement program and an authoritative research organization, CoTMF will amplify the reach and impact of each individual initiative. More importantly, it will deliver the critical information and analysis that will help amplify the work of Austin’s tremendous social enterprises, as well.

That’s precisely what we hope to achieve at Notley. We hope you will join us in building the type of news, engagement and research organization Austin needs and deserves.

Thank you,

Dan & Lisa Graham
Co-founders, Notley