The Austin Monitor and GivingCity Austin Team Up Under the Capital of Texas Media Foundation

The Capital of Texas Media Foundation is excited to announce that it will partner with GivingCity Austin, a news and features site covering local philanthropy, this fall. The move brings GivingCity together with CoTMF’s other publication, the Austin Monitor, a news site that covers items of local import to the Austin region.

While the editorial sides of the two local news sites will continue to operate independently, CoTMF believes that sharing organizational functions will allow CoTMF and each site to expand their mission to build a more informed and engaged public.

“We’re excited about how GivingCity Austin will extend our ability to engage more central Texans,” says CoTMF CEO Mike Kanin. “We believe that GivingCity is an excellent addition to our mission of engagement and education.”

“There’s nothing else like this combination of coverage of the civic sector and the nonprofit sector,” says GivingCity founder, Monica Maldonado Williams, “We think between the two organizations, more Central Texans will have the news and information they need to get more involved in the community.”

As the City of Austin continues to see itself grow in extraordinary ways, CoTMF believes that said growth necessitates a more active and engaged batch of citizens--one that is better equipped to make strong civic decisions than the mere fraction of those who take part in local elections here.