The Capital of Texas Media Foundation (CoTMF) is a nonprofit media company that empowers Central Texans with the news and information they need to to understand and influence local civic and social issues. CoTMF is home to two digital publications, the Austin Monitor and (through a fiscal sponsorship) GivingCity Austin. These entities publish independently and serve as the premiere news sources for local leaders, change-makers, activists and volunteers.

Like no other media organization in the country, CoTMF puts content to work in service to the community. Our mission is to positively impact our community through content - online and in person - and increase the number of Central Texas activists, volunteers, voters and donors.




Our Work


The Austin Monitor is an online news organization that delivers its brand of nonpartisan and unbiased news to the residents of Austin and Central Texas.

We believe that local, community-invested journalism is a rarity as more news outlets consolidate--and, in the process, move away from traditional local coverage. While individuals can receive push notifications regarding breaking news in other countries, fewer are receiving news that may directly impact their lives. And in the age of information, it is getting harder for readers to filter for informed news about their community.

The Austin Monitor is actively engaged in the transformation of journalism. As we continue to push ahead, we also seek to empower voters in Central Texas with the sort of information that lets them  hold local policy makers accountable. In short: We believe that, through journalism, we can promote transparency and dialogue.

The Austin Monitor is a recipient of a 2016 Edward R Murrow award, along with KUT and KLRU-TV for our co-produced  series ‘Austin’s Eastern Frontier’. The series explored the impact that Austin’s increasing cost of living and population growth has had on the neighboring city of Manor.

GivingCity Austin is a digital media organization that seeks to inform, educate, inspire and connect more people to local philanthropy. Our service-journalism approach to content means we support our audience’s goal to make a difference in their community through philanthropy and social good, and our solutions-journalism work means we highlight what’s working in philanthropy and social good, and how people can get involved. We believe GivingCity is uniquely suited to connect and support a community of volunteers, donors, advocates, activists and social entrepreneurs as well as nonprofit professionals and community leaders.

GivingCity has been awarded a SXSW Dewey Winburne Community Service Award, a Women Communicators of Austin Anne Durrum Robinson Creative Initiative Award and an Austin American-Statesman Texas Social Media Award.