Herb Watkins is an Austin technical professional helping organizations use efficient processes, minimal technical systems, and flexible architecture to solve their problems and opportunities for 15 years. Herb started as a middle school music teacher and uses the patience and empathy learned in that environment to help his business counterparts understand opportunities in technology. Fueled by his strong interest in informing voters through quality journalism, he brings his technical experience and business organization experience to the board.

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Sarah E Brownstein has been in and out of Austin over the last 13 years. A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin LBJ School of Public Affairs and Lozano Long Institute for Latin American Studies, Sarah has policy experience at local and state levels. She currently works at the Texas Senate focusing on issues ranging from higher education to natural resources.



Marty Hopkinsis a senior litigation associate at Eversheds Sutherland (US). Her practice focuses on state and federal energy regulatory compliance, energy market design, and energy-related litigation. She has significant experience with multi-state and Texas-jurisdictional transmission projects and regularly advises clients on bringing these projects to commercial operation. Marty was selected for inclusion in Texas Super Lawyers® “Rising Stars” (2017). She and her family (partner and two dogs) love living near the east loop of the hike and bike trail.


Reeve Hamilton is the Austin-based executive director of media relations for the Texas A&M University System. He was one of the original reporters at The Texas Tribune, where he spent more than five years covering higher education and politics and hosting a weekly podcast. His writing has also appeared in Texas Monthly, The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Texas Observer.


Alexander Schoenbaum is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of CrowdOut Capital, an Austin-based marketplace lending firm focusing on helping middle market companies raise debt. He has over a dozen years of experience consulting and raising capital for companies of all industries, including Austin favorite Chuy’s. In addition to his family, Alex is an avid cook, traveler and fan of the San Antonio Spurs!

Abby Rapoport is an Austin-based reporter, whose work has appeared in the The National Journal, the Texas Observer, The American Prospect as well as other outlets. She studied History at Grinnell College and held a writing fellowship at the Economic Policy Institute. She serves on the boards of the American Agora Foundation (which publishes Lapham’s Quarterly) and chairs the Texas Democracy Foundation, which publishes the Texas Observer. In her non-journalism time, she also serves on the board of Shalom Austin.

Past Board Members

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Sheryl Cole First elected in 2006, Sheryl Cole is the first African-American woman elected to the Austin City Council.  Re-elected in 2009, and elevated by her Council peers to Mayor Pro Tem in 2011.  As Mayor Pro Tem, she served as Chair of both the Audit and Finance Committee and the Comprehensive Transportation and Planning Committee.  She also served on both the CAMPO Transportation and Policy Board and the Lone Star Rail District Board of Directors from 2008 to 2014.

Sheryl earned her B.A. in accounting from The University of Texas at Austin and became a Certified Public Accountant in 1986.

Robert E. Jones is an Austin based political consultant with more than 15 years of experience managing organizations like Annie’s List and Be One Texas and in advising candidates like Sen. Wendy Davis, Houston Mayor Annise Parker and numerous members of the Texas House. He is also an adjunct professor of political science at St. Edward’s University and has provided political analysis to media outlets like CNN, NPR, Fox News and the New York Times.


Julio Gonzalez Altamirano is a native Texan. He works at the intersection of education and technology. Julio’s diverse Austin civic efforts range from increasing access to municipal open data to supporting new transit investment. He writes about Austin policy and policymakers at ‘Keep Austin Wonky’ and tweets @juliogatx.



Mike Kanin is the CEO and President of Capital of Texas Media Foundation. He has a reporting background and years of media experience. His work has appeared in the Washington City Paper, the Washington Post's Express, the Boston Herald, Boston's Weekly Dig, the Austin Chronicle and the Texas Observer. You can email him at: michael.kanin@cotmf.org


Monica Maldonado Williams is the founder and editor of GivingCity Austin. Monica has more than 20 years of experience in communications, marketing, journalism and new media. She is a frequent speaker on new media, nonprofits and entrepreneurship.

Monica has been recognized for her work with GivingCity with a 2015 Women Communicators of Austin Anne Durrum Robinson Creative Initiative Award, a 2011 SXSW Dewey Winburne Community Service Award and the 2011 Austin American Statesman Social Media Award. She completed the Stanford Course in Online Publishing and is a graduate of Leadership Austin.



2015 Annual Report





$50,000 and above

Austin Board of Realtors

$25,000 and above

Perry Lorenz

$15,000 and above

Brownstein Family Foundation

City of Austin, Austin Water Utility

Armbrust & Brown

Paul Torchia

$10,000 and above

Armbrust & Brown

Google Fiber

Abby Rapoport

Ralph Sbrogna

$5,000 and above

Harry and Elsie Kanin

David Kanin

Henry Strozier

Mona Kanin

Steve Smaha

Sarah Brownstein

Austin Yellow Cab

Big Red Dog

Herb Watkins

Downtown Austin Alliance

Real Estate Council of Austin

Kerby Lane

Texas Gas Service

David Armbrust


Buie & Co

Electronic Arts Outreach

Dan & Lisa Graham

Martha Hopkins

Reagan National Advertising

South By Southwest

Balcones Resources

Graves, Daugherty, Hearon & Moody

Greater Austin Transportation Company (Yellow Cab)

Steve Beuerlein

Lize Burr & Chris Hyams

$2500 and above

Hahn Public Communications

Texas Disposal Systems

Bank of America

Capital Metro

Alexander Schoenbaum

Ardent Residential

Balcones Resources

Braun & Gresham

Drenner Group

DuBois Bryant & Campbell

Seton Health Care


Thomas Terkel

Real Estate Council of Austin

FourT Realty LLC

Jeff Eller

Bret Kadison

Alfred Stanley

$1,000 and above

Julio Gonzalez

McLean & Howard


Corinne Wasserman

American Heart Association

David Nasr


Reeve Hamilton



Hotel Indigo

Gail Jacquish

Rocky Mountain Institute

Ryan Companies

STG Design

Lize Burr

Wollard Nichols and Associates

$500 and above

Austin Apartment Association

Dona Bolding & Roger C. Hamilton

Austin Facial Hair Club

Deece Eckstein

Grant & Ashley Fisher

Jude Galligan

John Howard

Successful Giving

$100 and above


Community Action Network

Kendra Scott

Courtney Hall

Shudde Fath

Dick Brown

Sheryl Cole

Rusty Kelley

Joe Liemandt

RVI Planning

Southwest Laborers District Council PAC

David Sullivan

Wasserman, Corinne

Bruce Potter

Grant Fisher

Eric Goff

Stephanie Lee McDonald

Dan Keshet

Heidi Gerbracht

Alex LaRochde

Leah Manners

Peter Cesaro

Rachel Clemens

Peter & Amy Einhorn

Ashley Fisher

Stephanie Gunkel

Carole Keeton

Alex LaRoche

Mike Lavigne

Ronald Perkowski

Alan Schoenbaum

Ted Siff

Brad Spies

Tyson Tuttle

Claudia Wilson

Nuria Zaragosa

$50 and above

Daniel Houston

Joseph Kopser

Nicole Shubitz

Peter Baird & Robert Prentiss

Burton Meador

Laura Seaton

Brandi Whitwolf

Gerald Rusthoven

John Armbrust

Valinda Bolton

Julie Byers

Ruben Cantu

Jason Cherkis

Matt Desloge

Brian Gilmore

Ian Gunter

Sharon Jayson Herman

Sterling King

Nancy Neaval

Ryan Poulos

Sarah Robertson


Lauren Schoenbaum

Tim Taliaferro

Stephanie Trinh

Steven Yarak

Katherine Haenschen

Cynthia McFarlin

Larry Schooler

Connie Bakebill

Robert Ripperda

Mateo Clarke

Steve Irsay

Mark Littlefield

Jennifer Houlihan

Thomas Brown

Ray Collins

Cynthia Damer

Elton Collins

Jonathan D. Gins

William Gordon

Michael Gorse

Teresa Griff

Brennan Griffin

Alysha Haggerton

Nick Hudson

Michael King

Tracey LaQue Parker

Birger Schmitz

James Schoenbaum

Nancy Walker

Edgar Walters

Brendan Wittistruck

Mark Bradford

Mike Dahmus

Koreena Malone

Joe Silve

Eliot Tretter

Rachel Castignoli

Lauren Hollister

Kelly Blanton

Kara Perez