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A new way to get involved

Now you can join a community of Austintes who support nonprofit, local news. 

We truly believe that local news and information can increase understanding of local issues and increase civic participation. We also believe that coverage of the people and institutions that create and affect the community where you live can keep them in check.

Moreover, local news is part of the information ecosystem that connects Austin to the larger community and to each other. 

That's why we invite you to join us as a Sustaining Member on Patreon, a platform that allows our readers, friends and fans to support CoTMF news and events that help Austinites understand and influence local civic and social issues. 

Your monthly gift via Patreon provides a sustainable base of support to create a more informed community. It's also an easy, convenient and affordable way to support our work: Your monthly donation happens automatically, the 1st of every month, until you decide to change it or stop.

Using Patreon allows us to automate some of the work required to maintain a membership base, freeing us up to create more of the content you need. It's a new way to crowdfund pledges, and we think you'll love it. 

More about CoTMF

Capital of Texas Media Foundation (CoTMF) empowers Central Texans with the news and information you need to to understand and influence local civic and social issues. Through our two online, independent news sites — the Austin Monitor and GivingCity Austin — we serve as the premiere news sources for local leaders, change-makers, activists and volunteers.

Like no other media organization in the country, CoTMF puts content to work in service to the community. Our mission is to positively impact our community through content — online and in person — and increase the number of Central Texas activists, volunteers, voters and donors.

Why your Sustaining Membership matters

As an independent news nonprofit, CoTMF is supported by donors, sponsors, grants and now, Sustaining Members. Your support can help build the infrastructure from which to scale our news organizations to better meet the community's needs.  

As a CoTMF Sustaining Member, you can join a community of civic and philanthropic leaders who have demonstrated their belief that local news matters. 

Sustaining Members also help us produce more news, more events and more features to help you stay more informed. Here's how it works:

1. Simply select the amount you can donate every month. You can pay by credit card or PayPal. You'll be charged when you sign up and after that, you'll be charged the 1st of the month, every month, until you decide to change it or stop. 

2. Watch your email for posts we make to this Patreon page to find out how to take advantage of your discounts and to be the first to hear about our upcoming events. 

That's it! 

Remember: Your monthly donation is tax-deductible, minus the fair-market value of the thank-you gifts or subscriptions you receive. You'll receive an end-of-year letter from us denoting the tax-deductible amount of the donation you made.

Don't think it doesn't help us to have you show your thank-you gifts around! Every time you use that sticker, mug or tote, you're helping us spread the word about our work. So thank you! 

All the ways we put our work into the community

Readers rely on GivingCity Austin and Austin Monitor for news about what's happening in the issues they care about. But our media partners rely on us, too.

Because of our generous donors and volunteers, we've been able to expand our content and create partnerships with other local news outlets like the Austin American-Statesman, KUT, Austin Monthly, KLRU, KXAN, KOOP, and Fox 7.

Our editors and journalists aren't just publishing on our sites, they're publishing to other local news sites, too, expanding our reach to even more people across Central Texas. At CoTMF, we know how to make your donations go even further. 

And we're more than just content. Both the Austin Monitor and GivingCity Austin produce regular events no one offers. Our events inform, inspire and connect you to the people and news you need to know. We're talking about events like these from just the past six months ....

Tech's Emerging Role in Politics, Policy and Philanthropy, a panel discussion with Austin Mayor Steve Adler and tech community representatives Barbary Brunner and Joshua Baer.

Transportation Game Night, a fun evening of trying to see what it's like to make tough decisions on transportation issues. 

City Summit 2016, a full day of panels discussing the crucial issues and interactions between state and local governments in Texas. 

The Art of the Gala, a half-day conference convening fundraising-event planners to share local best practices. 

Modern Media: What nonprofits need to know, a panel of editors sharing nuts-and-bolts advice with nonprofit communications professionals. 

New Philanthropists Presents: Van Jones, part of our speaker series highlighting diverse experiences in community leaders, featuring the author and CNN commentator. 

Coming this fall... a conference on how to increase diversity on nonprofit and city boards and commissions. 

Your Sustaining Membership means we can produce these and other events — events no one else offers  — to help you stay on top of the local news and find your place in the community. 

Despite all of our successes, CoTMF has a long way to go to meet the local news needs of our community. With your help, Austin Monitor and GivingCity Austin could...

  • Produce more investigative stories about how our community really works
  • Cover more issue areas and break them down for you, in depth
  • Share more civic and social success stories from our community and others 
  • Produce more content in other formats like videos and podcasts
  • Create databases of information and put data at your fingertips

Our small team of editors and journalists work round-the-clock to bring you content you can't find anywhere else. Your readership, your network and your Sustaining Membership can make a big difference.

Please join us now as a Sustaining Member and help us help you make Austin the community you want it to be. Thank you!